BMW M3/M4 Teaser Trailer and Initial Specs

Few cars on earth are gathering more excitement than the new BMW M3/M4. Forums across the globe have been keeping tabs on the development of the car since the very first spy shots. Even those that aren’t necessarily BMW faithful look forward to the next step forward from the M skunkworks. It has been questioned whether the newest and most important M will be unveiled at Pebble Beach (currently scheduled for August 17). That question seems to have been answered by a very, very short teaser BMW has released (below).

You won’t see much, but what you can see clearly shows it to be the M3/M4. The power bulge of the hood and the shape of the mirrors give it away. The exhaust note certainly sounds muted from spy videos of Nurburgring testing but that was probably done to avoid absolutely confirming what it is.

But trust me, 100 percent that’s the new M4. Which means except for the exterior, it’ll be identical performance-wise to the M3.

Here’s what we know to be true:

Around the same power as last M3, 400-410 bhp, but approximately 100 lb-ft more of torque (395-ish)

Turbocharged straight-6 engine

Goal weight of the E46 M3: around 3,415 lbs

Carbon-fiber front seats will be available

Carbon ceramic brakes will be available

A particularly attractive CSL-style decklid will come as standard

Both the M3 and M4 will have a carbon-fiber roof

Redline will be awfully close to 8,000 rpm

Other than that, most other information is conjecture for now. But we certainly won’t have to wait long. This Saturday, it looks like BMW M will change the landscape of the ultimate sport-sedan yet again. If you’re not excited, you really should be. This probably will be the most important M BMW will launch in the next seven years.

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Photo credit: BMW M


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